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Cuban - Cedar

Stylus Cedar

£ 30,06




Crafted by the hands of expert master artisans.
Ethergraf® Tip
Windth 2 cm
Lenght 10 cm
Weight 31 gr
Avaiable in tobacco, cedar and plywood.

Free Shipping over  € 91,10 Free Shipping over € 91,10

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The history of the product

The “small” one, hides endless possibilities.
Here it is CUBAN: its innovative and ergonomic shape will surprise you from the very first use.Inspired by the Cuban cigar, from which it takes its name and silhouette, it is accompanied by an aluminum box that recalls the traditional cigar case. Dynamism and flexibility are the concepts that inspired the creation of this instrument, which, thanks to the Ethergraf tip, requires no ink or refills . CUBAN is handcrafted in Italy with precious recycled wood in four different colors. Product belonging to Pininfarina Segno Collection.

  • Technology

    The ETHERGRAF® tip microscopically “scratches” paper oxidizing it and leaving a light but indelible stretch.
    Due to its porosity, the common paper – that is the cellulose not trated paper (formed by vegetable fibers bonded through a process that is called “felting”)- is in fact a material which perfectly reacts to the passage of the metal tip.
    The presence of bonding agents, mineral fillers, dyes or additives in paper compromises its natural absorption capacity. The consequence is that the oxidation of the tip is not allowed, or only partially allowed, at the transit of the ETHERGRAF® tip.

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Pininfarina Segno

Pininfarina Segno
represents the horizon of an innovative and unique scenario in the writing experience.
Creating a timeless beauty, typical of Pininfarina design, and developing innovation through continuous research are the reasons at the root of this project, which highlights both products signed by Pininfarina, and also a selection of Italian design excellences we’d like to suggest to our public, because of the remarkable innovative elements and the values we share.
Pininfarina Segno combines cutting-edge technologies and craft skills to add a new chapter in the history of writing and beyond.

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